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  • Recycle Right with Milk

    A program that encourages students working together to develop better recycling habits, while supporting the habit of drinking milk.

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    Renew your school’s registration each year to participate in the program. We look forward to supporting your school nutrition, sustainability and leadership initiatives.

Our Purpose

Many Manitoba schools have committed to student nutrition by making milk available at lunch. School milk comes in cartons, bottles, or jugs. These beverage containers are recyclable, so let’s make sure they end up getting recycled. Recycle Right with Milk can help!

Read more about Dairy Farmers of Canada’s commitment to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.


Program Pillars


students are provided the opportunity to work together, demonstrate responsibility, and practice cross curricular learning through life skill development. 


Supports current school recycling initiatives and amplifies the importance of recycling right. 


highlights milk as an important contribution to the school nutrition environment.