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How the Program WOrks

Recycle Right with Milk is for the school, and run by the school. This means everyone plays an important role, making milk available, ensuring beverage containers are recycled right, and celebrating success! 

The program begins by having milk available at school over lunch everyday. Recycling milk cartons correctly is an important habit to reduce waste and promote sustainability. See below to learn how to set up your school’s milk program and Recycle Right with Milk.  


Learn how the Milk Coordinator, the Moo Crew, and classroom students work together in the video series below.

  1. 1

    Milk Coordinator

    The Milk Coordinator is responsible for Recycle Right with Milk in your school. This video outlines how the Milk Coordinator’s leadership will ensure Recycle Right with Milk is a successful program that builds community while contributing to environmental sustainability at your school.

  2. 2

    Moo Crew

    The Moo Crew at your school has a very important job and offers a great opportunity to grow student leadership and responsibility. This video explains the role and responsibilities of the Moo Crew.

  3. 3


    Student participation is important to keep the recycling process flowing at your school. This video describes how classroom students do their part to Recycle Right with Milk.

Designate Your MOO Crew

Before starting the program, enlist the help of students to create a Moo Crew. This team can be made up of students from a particular grade or can be a group of student volunteers. Student’s participation on the Moo Crew will provide them with a great leadership development opportunity. How you decide to run your school’s Moo Crew is completely up to you!


Program Journey

  1. 1

    Designate a milk fridge – Keep it cold

  2. 2

    Determine interest – Convenience and nutrition

  3. 3

    Source a milk supplier – Got milk?

  4. 4

    Set up a student milk order and payment plan – Let’s do this!

Program Checklist

Use the interactive checklist to get organized!

Milk Checklist

Take a moment to check that you have a plan for your milk program in place.

Recycling Checklist

Take a moment to check that your school has all program equipment needed to run your the program.

Desired recycling equipment is requested at the time of registration. Need more? Please contact us.

Contact Us

Resource Checklist

Take a moment to check that your school has all program resources needed to run your the program.

*Provided in program kit mailed to participating schools in the fall.

Optional Resource Checklist

The following electronic resources are available to help support your program.

Please visit the Active Program page to download any resource from the Resource Library.

Resource Library

School Milk Resources

Milk Delivery Contact Lists

Looking to order milk for your school? Below is contact information from some of the milk delivery services available in Manitoba. Alternately, many rural schools have had success connecting with their local grocery store to set up a regular milk order.

*Dairy Farmers of Canada is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the listed services. For questions please contact the providers directly.

School Milk Letterhead

Send communication home to families about your school’s milk program. Customize this blank letterhead to share your school specific details at the beginning of the year and to remind parents throughout the school year.

Intro Letter to Families – Customizable

Introduce your school’s milk program and Recycle Right with Milk to families. This customizable pdf provides important program information and allows for school customization. Fill in your school specific details including cost of milk, how to purchase milk, and who to contact with questions.

Milk Ticket Sheets (12)

Milk tickets are an easy way for students to redeem milk, while removing the need to exchange money on a daily basis. Milk tickets can be purchased by families in advance. Using a pre-payment system means parents don’t have to remember to send money to school every day and it also cuts down on the time your school spends administering the program.
When tickets are for sale and for what price is a school-based decision. Use the complimentary templates below or create your school’s own tickets!

School Milk – Family Interest Survey

Considering a milk program at your school? Survey your families to determine interest and support. Here are a few sample questions to get started!

Questions? Feel free to get in touch!