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Celebrate Recycling Success!

Moo Crew Experiences

These experiences are reserved for a Moo Crew. Your Moo Crew students may be involved with selling milk, distributing milk, or recycling right.

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Past Experiences

Upcoming Moo Crew Experience

School Based Experiences

A school experience is available to all students in a participating school. Recycling is a community effort. Acknowledge and celebrate your school’s commitment to nutrition and sustainability by taking part in a shared experience.  

Nominate your School for a celebratory experience – Check back for new and upcoming experiences!

Past School Based Experiences

Upcoming School Based Experience

Contest Details: 

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. The Recycle Right with Milk “Milk Spirit Week” contest (the “CONTEST”) is sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Canada (the “Sponsor”). The Contest begins at 12:00:00 AM Central Daylight Time (“CST”) on February 27, 2024 and ends at 11:59:59 AM CST on March 12, 2024 (the “Contest Period”). There is a limit of one entry per school.  

The Contest is for schools registered for Recycle Right with Milk 2023-24 (the “WINNER”). There are six (6) prizes to be won, one (1) prize per Winner, either $200 or $500 (the “Prize”). There are two (2) Prize categories: five (5) Celebrate with Milk Day Prizes of $200 each towards milk (or another dairy product of choice) and one (1) School Wide Milk Day Prize of $500 towards milk for all students in the school.  The Prize is intended to cover some or all of the milk (dairy product) cost, depending on the school’s student population. Any costs incurred exceeding the Prize amount are the responsibility of the Winner. The Sponsor is not responsible for any incurred costs resulting from Milk Spirit Week. 

The school is responsible for planning and executing all Milk Spirit Week activities/events, including the milk kick-off or wind-up. The Prize must be accepted as awarded without substitution and cannot be transferred or assigned (except as may be specifically permitted by the Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion). 

The Winners will be drawn at random. The odds of winning depend on the total number of eligible entries received for each of the Prize categories during the contest period. The probability of winning the Prize will depend on the total number of eligible entries received for each category. The Winners will be selected and notified by email on March 13, 2024.  

Only participants in the province of Manitoba shall be considered in this promotional contest. 

By participating in this Contest, entrants acknowledge and agree that the Prize is subject to the Winner accepting the Prize by completing the properly executed Release Form: indicating two (2) planned Milk Spirit Week activities, describing in three hundred words or less how milk will be included in the spirit week kick-off or wind-up, providing the correct answer to the skill testing question, and providing information for the purpose of electronic fund transfer (EFT) to the school. The Prize is subject to Sponsor approval of planned Milk Spirit Week activities and kick-off or wind-up. Approval of the activity(ies) and kick-off or wind-up are in the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor. If the school does not accept the Prize, receive Sponsor approval on planned activities/events, and provide school EFT information prior to March 29, 2024, the Sponsor has the right to revoke the prize. The Sponsor is not responsible for any inconvenience, loss, or damages resulting from a revoked Prize. 

If the Winner has not accepted the Prize and communicated details of its use by March 29, 2024, the Prize will be left to the discretion of the Sponsor. The Sponsor reserves the right to re-draw a Winner from the list of eligible entries and award the Prize as it sees fit.  

To review our privacy policy, see   

Resource Library

By participating in this program students are learning how to recycle right, while having the opportunity to drink milk. Below are some of the resources available to help your school share what the program is and how it works.

Recycling Poster

The program poster describes the 6 steps to recycle beverage containers and reduce contamination of recyclable materials. These posters are a visual cue for students, staff, and visitors to recycle right everyday. Hang these posters in classrooms, hallways, custodian closet/sink room doors, and anywhere else students will be reminded how to recycle right at meal times.

Measure Meter Poster

Tracking twice a year is optional, but highly recommended as a way to encourage your school community’s recycling efforts. During periods of tracking, use this poster to display your results. Use the results with the Impact Calculator.

Realizing Recycling Results

A step by step guide to using your Measure Meter poster to track and measure your school’s recycling efforts.

Recycling Impact Calculator

Calculate your school’s potential recycling impact to encourage participation and promote further recycling education. Use this interactive page to calculate your results instantly or print this page and have students do the math!

French version coming soon!

Parent Info Sheet

Share with families that your school has milk available and inform them how students are working together to recycle right and reduce waste from going to the landfill.


A reference for new and returning milk coordinators. Steps to running a successful program in your school.

CLASSROOM – Participation Guide

This resource is for schools where classrooms collect their beverage containers in a designated bin for Moo Crew pick up and recycling. Provide this handout to classroom teachers, so they can share your school’s recycling process with their students.

French version coming soon!

STUDENT – Participation Guide

This resource is for schools where students are responsible for recycle their own beverage containers right! Provide this handout to classroom teachers, so they can share your school’s recycling process with their students.

French version coming soon!

School Milk Resources

Use these resources to set up your milk program.

Milk Delivery Contact Sheets

Looking to order milk for your school? Below is contact information from some of the milk delivery services available in Manitoba. Alternately, many rural schools have had success connecting with their local grocery store to set up a regular milk order.

*Dairy Farmers of Canada is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the listed services. For questions please contact the providers directly.

School Milk Letterhead

Send communication home to families about your school’s milk program. Customize this blank letterhead to share your school specific details at the beginning of the year and to remind parents throughout the school year.

Intro Letter to Families – Customizable

Introduce your school’s milk program and Recycle Right with Milk to families. This customizable pdf provides important program information and allows for school customization. Fill in your school specific details including cost of milk, how to purchase milk, and who to contact with questions.


Milk tickets are an easy way for students to redeem milk, while removing the need to exchange money on a daily basis. Milk tickets can be purchased by families in advance. Using a pre-payment system means parents don’t have to remember to send money to school every day and it also cuts down on the time your school spends administering the program.

When tickets are for sale and for what price is a school based decision. Remind parents/guardians regularly that milk tickets are available for purchase. Use the complimentary templates below or create your school’s own tickets!